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Carers Support

Carer Support Programme

Carer giving food to a man in a wheelchair.

There are people in our area who are looking after a friend, relative or neighbour. They may not see themselves as a carer and are often worried about seeking help. We respect our carers and can offer a range of information to help support them. Icon depicting the carer support leafletDownload the full leaflet here.

Please inform us if you are a carer.

The role of the carer can be physically and emotionally exhausting and can happen at any time in life. Support can be anything from cooking, shopping and housework through to washing, lifting, feeding and giving medications.

Many people in need of care wish to remain in their own homes but their needs can have adverse effects on their carer who could be a relative/friend or neighbour. Carers often feel guilty if they find their tasks difficult and feel obliged to continue without making time for themselves. This, in turn, can sometimes result in their own health deteriorating.

If you are a carer, it is important to let us know the needs of the person you are caring for. We can direct you to the most appropriate agencies for help, maybe local voluntary services or Social services offices. An appointment can be taken to establish what items are needed to assist with daily living. For example, a tipping kettle may be a useful tool for those who have difficulty lifting a kettle themselves. There are many easy adaptions to support both carers and the person receiving the care.

Looking after any person can be emotionally stressful, however you are not alone, and we can provide help to support you. Financial matters are also common issues among carers, a useful website providing advice on this is Money Advice Service.

Click here to access the guide to assessments of carers needs in Icon depicting the assessment guide for carer needs in LincolnshireLincolnshire and Icon depicting the assessment guide for carer needs in North East LincolnshireNorth East Lincolnshire.

Did you know?

  • There are 700,000 young adult carers in the UK 1 in 5 people aged between 50 to 64 who are caring for someone.
  • Care may be short term (for example following an accident or an operation) but it can also be a permanent situation.
  • The person you may be caring for could be any age and be suffering from illness, disability, or have an addiction to either alcohol or drugs.
  • An older person who is frail may also require care and rely on a carer.
  • As a carer you are entitled to have your needs assessed by Adult Care Services and there are no charges for these services.
And remember: Our service is open to young and old

Carers Contact Numbers

Customer Service Centre - Carers Service 01522 782224
Young Carers 01522 553275
Carers First 0300 303 1555
'Every-One' 01522 811582
Lincolnshire County Council Emergency Duty Team (Out Of Hours) 01522 782333

Also see Carers UK for more information.