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Patient Participation Group

About the Patient Participation Group

The Marsh Medical Practice PPG aims to encourage a positive relationship between patients and surgery staff. It acts as a patient voice, to work constructively with the practice staff and to help identify and establish positive solutions to any problems that arise.

Our Patient Participation Group was originally established in October 2012 meets every quarter. The group consists of nominated representatives. Our practice staff include members from the reception and dispensary teams.

Our group is invaluable to helping us to develop our services and environment. If you feel that you would like to become involved in the group please contact Lynn Chapman, Operations Manager on the surgery number 01507 358623.

A group of 20 people are sitting in chairs as a man at the front gives them a presentation.
  • The purpose of the Patient Participation Group (hereinafter the ‘PPG’) is to help in the planning, provision and delivery of local health care services and practice issues representing a patient’s view and will be accountable to Marsh Medical Practice, hereinafter referred to as ‘The Practice’.
  • The PPG will form a link between the patients and The Practice with a view to making a useful contribution to the improvement of existing services and help The Practice to develop new services to meet and identify patients’ needs.
  • The PPG will work in close association with The Practice Manager and other Practice Team members.

We are very fortunate to have a broad mix of patient representatives that bring local knowledge from our North Somercotes and Manby areas. They have a range of backgrounds that include experience of rural living, local business and council work.

Lynn Chapman

Operations Manager, Marsh Medical Practice

Carol Mander

+Mrs Elaine Bonnett

My name is Elaine Bonnett and I have lived in the village all my life. My family and I used to attend Dr Mansfield’s surgery many years ago, before Marsh Medical Practice began.

I joint own a family business, Manby Motors at Manby, we are now in our 11th year of trading and I have two grown up children both in their twenty's, my daughter works with me in the family business.

I feel that I can be of help by being a member of the group, representing and gaining patients opinions also contributing suggestions for the future efficiency of the practice as I come into contact with many patients on a day to day basis.

Mr Ian Rowson

+Mrs Jacqueline Trueman

My name is Jacqui Trueman, I moved from Hampshire in 2001 to bring up my children in an area of green open space unpolluted from traffic and the go getting rat race feel of the south east. I am a qualified Accountant.

Having had some recent issues I was invited to join this group to help patient and practice work better together and would like to hope I can represent particularly workers and mothers as a group of patients

+Mr Terry Clayton

My name is Terance (prefer Terry) Clayton, aged 72, retired and resident of North Somercotes for 7 years. I was born and raised in North Wales and went to University College of North Wales attaining a B.Sc in Mathematics. My working career was in computer Software Development and Management, based in Cheshire for 18 years and 25 years in Silicon Valley, California.I am currently a member of the North Somercotes Parish Council.

Having "paid through the nose" for medical insurance and care in the USA I very much appreciate the NHS. I am a member of the Marsh Medical Patients Participation Group to try and help ensure feedback and offer any advice and help I can to maintain an efficient and effective local practice.

Jean West

Linda Sharp

Robert Palmer

Stephen Beaumont

This mix of patients means that the group is fortunate to have abroad cross section of experience, from local business to the parish council and covering both areas Manby and North Somercotes.
  • A minimum of eight patients but no more than fourteen patients who are all registered at the Surgery and representing a range of ages, experience and interest will be invited by The Practice to form the PPG. Any patient registered at the surgery will be eligible to apply for membership.
  • Application for membership will be made on the prescribed form. On approval by the Practice the new member will be introduced to the PPG at the next meeting. Members ceasing to be registered at the Surgery will automatically cease to be members of the PPG.
  • The PPG may co-opt observers with specific expertise/experience to assist it in a specific area(s).
  • A representative of The Practice will be co-opted to the meeting.
  • Meetings will normally take place every quarter. Extra Ordinary meetings may be called by the Chairperson or by three other PPG members via the Secretary. Ten days notice must be given and The Practice, through The Practice Manager, must be informed in advance. Only the subject for which the extra ordinary meeting has been called will be discussed.
  • The quorum for any meeting will be 50% of the members plus one.
  • The Secretary will prepare the minutes of each meeting and forward them to the members at least 7 days before the next meeting date.
  • Any agenda items for forthcoming meetings are to be forwarded to the Practice at least five days before the date of the meeting.
  • No remuneration or expenses will be paid unless authorised by The Practice.
  • Views, ideas, suggestions and recommendations formulated by the PPG whether in writing or verbally and agreed in principle by the majority will be presented to The Practice via The Practice Manager or alternatively with a meeting with the doctors and nurses if deemed advisable.
  • All members of the PPG who receive or learn about any confidential information concerning a patient or The Practice must not disclose this information unless they have received express permission from The Practice or The Practice Manager. Any individual who discloses any confidential information without permission will be suspended until the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.
  • The PPG may be dissolved by The Practice for good and sufficient reason. The Practice retains the right to veto PPG activity.